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Savino & Miller Design Studio provides professional consulting services in the fields of Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Urban Design, and Planning.

Savino & Miller believe that the purpose of design is to improve the quality of life. Their work is based on the creative exploration of ideas, merging function with the kinetic and potential essence of site. Savino & Miller brings their clients’ projects to fruition with imagination, ecological sensitivity, and a clear understanding of the pragmatic.

Savino & Miller give special attention to each client. Savino & Miller’s intent is to recognize the unique qualities inherent in each project – from the general plan to the finest detail–to create an environment that responds to their client’s needs, enriches the user experience, and interacts in harmony with its surroundings.

The studio’s strength lies in its multi-disciplinary experience and collaborative approach to spatial design. Savino & Miller’s work includes projects in urban design, streetscape design, site and community planning, residential, commercial, hotel/resort design, and park design.