Washington Charles

Meet Washington Charles, our Miami-born-and-bred Food and Beverage Manager. He’s passionate about hospitality and recently gushed to us, “It means the world to me when a guest expresses gratitude about our level of service.” But then, he’s passionate about a lot of things. He likes to play basketball, collect rare sneakers, and cook family-style dinners. He’s also been known to break out a two-step on the dance floor. We caught him for a quick Q&A and here’s what he had to say.

Freehand Miami: What did you study undergrad?

Washington Charles:  First started my major in hospitality but later I decided to attend AI [Miami Institute of Art & Design] for my BA in fashion merchandising. I love to express my creativity and fashion is one avenue that allows me to express myself.

FH: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received from a guest?

WC: I had a guest inform that she was having a bad day when she first arrived and that I completely turned her day around and to always keep on smiling.

FH: What have you been up to at Freehand Miami so far? Anything unexpected?

WC: Well, besides working as the one-man lighting, equipment, sound and florist personnel, Food and Beverage Manager is going great. We are building a product that will be a staple in Miami.

FH: What makes Freehand Miami different?

WC: I get asked that quite often and I tell everyone it is just like its name…free: a mix of art, fashion, hospitality, backpackers, and locals. I am always intrigued by who I will meet next.

FH: What’s your favorite dish to cook?

WC: I am not Italian by any means, but I sure do love to whip up a chef-homeboy-R-D pasta with meatballs showered in a white wine sauce.

FH: What’s your favorite thing to do in Miami?

WC: I am really proud of Miami’s growing food scene and there are some very talented chefs in this city. My favorite hobby is eating although my figure doesn’t show it. My favorite places are: Michael Genuine, The Dutch, Gigi, all Pubbelly restaurants and Chef Creole for all my Haitians.

FH: If you could hang out at The Broken Shaker with anyone, living or dead, real or imaginary, who would it be? 

WC: The beauty of  The Broken Shaker is the ability to have a conversation with anyone, and who better to have a conversation with than Karl Lagerfeld.