The Broken Shaker’s server extraordinaire Morgan Rossano is a woman of many talents. For starters, she’s a licensed esthetician, currently pursuing studies in paramedical skin care. She’s also a fluent French speaker, with a dad from France and a mom from Jamaica. Basically, she’s the epitome of a Leo: endlessly ambitious, charming, and creative. Her favorite pleasures are good music, coffee, chocolate, red wine and the occasional classic cocktail. Right now, she’s obsessed with the cocoa-puff-infused Bourbon Old Fashioned at The Broken Shaker and we don’t blame her. We grabbed her for a quick chat to learn more.

Freehand Miami: Morgan, what’s the secret to good skin care?

Morgan Rossano: Juicing and using Sonya Dakar products, but most importantly, water and lots of rest!

FH: What inspired your interest in cosmetology?

MR: I love the idea of helping people feel good and beautiful in their own skin.

FH: Which is more fun to visit, Jamaica or France?

MR: I would have to say France for the richness in culture that constantly inspires and fascinates me.

FH: What makes The Broken Shaker different from other Miami bars?

MR: Nothing compares to the environment that the Broken Shaker creates for you the moment you step foot through those doors. It’s very scenic and chill. Coming from NYC, I definitely feel a sense of home when working at the Shaker. It has a lot of Brooklyn to it.

FH: Any tips for Broken Shaker newbies?

MR: When you come to Broken Shaker, please be experimental and let your palette roam free. Nothing is worse than the person who comes in and orders a beer or the norm: vodka soda…lame!

FH: What’s the weirdest cocktail you’ve ever tried?

MR:  Probably the bacon and egg martini. It wasn’t all that bad. The name just throws you off. It was bacon-infused Jack Daniels, egg white, maple syrup, lemon juice and a dash of bitters, garnished with none other than a slice of bacon! If thats not a brunch cocktail, I don’t know what it is.

FH: What’s something you think everyone should experience while in Miami?

MR: The salt life!