We’re eager to introduce our outspoken, charismatic Broken Shaker server, Jett. This zombie-loving science nerd enjoys vegan baked goods, roller skating, and a good, stiff Old Fashioned. A natural maverick, she describes her fashion sense as the likely result of raiding an old ladies closet while blindfolded. Her friends call her the punk rock Martha Stewart. We stopped by The Broken Shaker to have a drink with her and find out a little more about her eclectic interests.

Freehand Miami: What brought you to Freehand and the Broken Shaker?

Jett: I happened by after some serious prodding by a good friend of mine. On that auspicious evening, the pre-Borscht Film Festival party was in full swing, so I figured, “Now is as good a time as any.” I was approached by a well-dressed gentleman and was challenged to a game of ping-pong (I am the world’s worst ping pong player). I accepted and we chatted as he graciously tolerated my playing. At the end of the game I was offered a job, and now I have the pleasure of working at the most amazing place in Miami.

FH: What’s been your most unexpected experience here so far?

J: Driving. I only started doing it about 6 months back. I never bothered getting my driver’s license because I have, for the most part, always lived in cities where having a car was unnecessary and public transportation was beyond convenient. I have to say, I picked an interesting city to pop my driving cherry in.

FH: You’ve got a very, um, unique style. Who or what inspires your fashion choices?

J: I have always marched to my own drummer when it comes to dressing and style. I can remember being in middle school and not having many friends because of my misunderstood fashion choices. I sometimes have dreams that stick with me and inspire my wardrobe. Sometimes it is a TV character from childhood, or sometimes it is just what I happen to grab from my ever-expanding wardrobe. I have always had the attitude that you can wear whatever the hell you want as long as you “own” it while doing so.

FH: What’s with the Martha Stewart moniker? Are you a crafter? A cook (of vegan baked goods, perhaps)?

J: I think it’s because of my deep love for all things craft and baking-related. I make some seriously subversive cross stitches. I knit, crochet, sew, and make jams, vinegars, pickles, and well, any other crafty/homemaking-like activity that may strike my fancy at the moment. I would bake all day, everyday, if I could. It calms me and seems to calm other people too when I share my creations. I even sold my vegan cookies for a while here in Miami. I still get requests from people who used to buy them at Sweat Records.

FH: What’s your survival plan for the zombie apocalypse?

J: If I told you my plan then everyone would know and my chances of survival would be lessened. Sorry all, my foolproof plan stays with me.

FH: You’re in nursing school. What made you decide you wanted to become a nurse?

J: I come from a family of service industry workers and healthcare professionals. There really isn’t much difference between the two.  All people need is comfort and compassion, and both professions cater to those needs. I decided to ease out of the service industry and enter the healthcare world because of my deep love of science, especially anatomy and epidemiology.

FH: If you could hang out with anyone at the Broken Shaker, living or dead, real or imaginary, who would it be?

J: Emma Goldman, she has been my hero since I was 13 years old.