The Broken Shaker

To celebrate the ridiculously delicious debut of Broken Shaker’s brand new food menu, we’ve put together a list of the nine most orgasmic things to try (aka everything) the next time you’re Freehand living. Here it goes:

1. Jars filled with your choice of beef jerky, Shaker pickles or bar nuts.


2. Crispy grits with hickory-smoked tomato.

House Made Ricotta

3. Hummus served with Zak the Baker bread.


4. Chef Seyba-selected artisinal cured meats and cheeses served with Zak the Baker bread.


5. House-made ricotta served with seasonal fruits and veggies.


6. Smoked St. Louis ribs smothered in Panther Coffee BBQ sauce and served with Shaker pickles.

Smoked St. Louis Ribs

7. Daily selection of flatbread served on a Miller Highlife dough.


8. 1/2 lb. black Angus burger topped with sharp cheddar cheese and drunken onions, served on a toasted brioche bun. Fries included.


9. Spicy sugar Broken donuts served with café con leche dipping sauce.

Broken Donuts

Hungry yet?