Freehand Hostel



Learn how to fly across the water from Miami’s top kiteboarders. Whether you want to go all out or take it slow, Skybanditz’s instructors will take you on a ride to remember.

  • Try and Fly: In this land-bound course, you’ll build a solid foundation of power kite-flying techniques to prepare you to kiteboard in the water. Sessions are $75 for one or $50 per person for groups.
  • Sky Fitness: If it’s a workout you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. This class is similar to Try and Fly, but instructors increase the size of the power kites to work your arms and core. Sessions are $75 for one or $50 per person for groups.
  • Dolphin Ride: In this course, a Skybanditz coach will make you fly like a dolphin on a breathtaking ride over the open ocean. Sessions are $50 for one and and $25 per person for groups.
  • Kiteboarding: This is the fast track to the world of kite boarding.  It’s a complete three hour course that can make a bona fide kiteboarder out of you, if you have what it takes. Sessions are $299 for one, $150 per person for two, and $100 per person for three.

If you are interested in booking please see the front desk for sign up information. You can also email to request more information.